Crazy Pants Party!

Looking for a fabulous way to kick cabin fever’s ass while celebrating a gal pal’s birthday, there was no better idea than to host a crazy pants party at my mini manse.

Crazy time.

Crazy time for crazy ladies.

Naturally needing to up my outfit ante,  I added pink tinsel eyelashes to my look…which I now want to be an everyday staple.

Details matter most.

Details matter most.

With my outfit ready and set to go, party food being monitored for meddling pussies and birthday decor in proper places, there was only one thing left to do…

Feed me.

Feed me.

… get the furry little host with the most set to be the greeter.

Greeter all

Everyone go home. I’m tired.

And then the crazy pants came in droves!

Crazy Pants!

Literal crazy pants arrived.

Clark Kent in his skivies.

Clark Kent showed in his skivvies.

Party pants with pops of color and sequins for me.

Party pants with polka dots, poppies and sequins mixed and mingled.

The Mad Hatter in her flannel and elf.

Flannel  pants and footie pjs won the prize for comfiest attendees.

And why stop at pants when you can add crazy hats?

Why stop at pants when you can add crazy hats?

Bedazzled helmets for our heads.

Now it’s not a party without a little drama – and you could cut the animal tension with a knife when sweet Precious rolled in.

Precious party goer in her sparkly giddy up.

Stealing Ted’s spotlight (that I’m still paying for).

With a puppy and two pussies under my roof already, this CBXB party wasn’t complete without my Pa.

My eyes are open.

Yes my eyes are open, you just can’t tell because of my six inch long tinsel lashes.

Nor will any party of mine be complete without classy rounds of Jell-O shots served by the one and only Mama CBXB.

You're been served.

You’re been served.

Once I’d consumed my weight in gelatinous goodness, it was time to ruin party pics.

Plenty of party pics for me to ruin.

You’re welcome.

While I was busy being the star of every camera’s show, Dada CBXB didn’t mind taking in all of the lovely lady sights.

All kinds of lovin' spread around.

A perfectly paired couple – from top to bottom.

A crazy pants party isn’t complete without various cray cray lady pics with an appropriate prop.

What's a crazy pants party without crazy party girls?

The angry drunk crazy lady.


The run for the hills and never look back crazy as fuck cat lady.

Crazy crying girl who was quickly DisLiked.

The crazy crying girl who was DisLiked.

With the shenanigans raging on until daylight started to creep in the windows, Teddy resorted to his Juicy Couture Pussy Palace where he knew I couldn’t fit in and breathe stale Skinny Pirate breath all over him.

Pussy Palace

A fancy furry tent cures kitty hangovers.

And as those wee rays of sunshine poured into the mini manse, I could only muster the energy to reach for my recovery kit complete with vodka, bloody mary mix and aspirin. Lots and lots of aspirin.

Still sippin' on my juice today..

A true life saver.

I may or may not still be sipping on a recovery mix days after this party ended, along with lots and lots and lots of aspirin.

Here’s hoping your week has been headache free!











Fox You!

Don’t fox with us.

Don’t even think about it.

Or my pussy Ted will claw your eyes out.

If looks could kill…

But Mr. Bear does insist you have a good weekend and you’d better oblige.

Because you don’t want a claw to the eye now do you?

TGIF my friends!



Weekends Winks – Oscars and Ice

Cocktails, shopping, cats and Oscars added up to fabulous Nashville fun this weekend.

Shop 'til you drop.

Shop ’til you drop.

After a low-key Friday night (trying to avoid a repeat of Sushi’s Revenge), Mama and I headed to the Mall at Green  Hills (small slice of Nashville heaven) where we decided it would beyond cute to get matching t-shirts at Juicy Couture on Saturday.

Go duck yourself.

We don’t give a duck. Nope. We don’t.

All of that shopping lead us to Cheesecake Factory where we quenched our thirst with strawberry martinis.

Feels so good when it hits the lips.

Feels so good when it hits the lips.

Upon review of my purchases at home (how could I go shopping without getting a pair of shoes?), New Cat (yep, he’s still here) claimed one of the boxes for his very own bed (as I’m sure you all know Ted has every other nook and cranny of my mini manse under his paws).

Bed in a box.

Bed in a box.

I hunkered down to be a tried and true crazy cat lady on the leopard couch.

Snuggle Time

Three’s definitely a crowd.

Pussy love. Cat fight.

Pussy love, slowly turning into a cat fight.

While I enjoyed a sunny Nashville morning, my twin cutie pies in Iowa were busy watching their dad shovel snow in zero degree weather.

Below 0?!

Beautiful March day.

Cold doesn’t have any impact on their adorableness, of course.

All dressed up!

Ready for the Academy Awards red carpet!

Little did I know, snow was in the forecast for Sunday night and hundreds of shoppers greeted my appearance at the grocery store. Like, lines 22 people deep. At 11am. On Sunday morning.

Apocolypse is coming!

Forget the bread and milk. I need booze!

BLoddy Mary me.

Which is why I stopped for a bloody mary on the way home.

With a warm belly full of vodka, it was time to head to my mini manse and get prepped for the Academy Awards.

Fancy snacks. WEll, champagne is fancy.

Me and my fancy snacks.

Because I have the hand strength of a 92-year-old, it took a good 45 minutes trying to pop the cork off the champagne bottle. Much to Teddy’s delight, I finally got the damn thing open.

Willing the bottle open.

Party time!

After averting a champagne crisis, we got down to business devouring the classy chocolate chip cupcake (and I must say for being gluten-free, dairy free, and soy free was pretty freaking delish).

Cat cake sharing.

Cat cake sharing.

While admiring all of the glitzy gowns and glamour, my friend Tony supplied me with a pic of what I need the floor of my closet to read…



You know all of those folks freaking out at the grocery store? Well, they were right as this morning the city has shut down due to snow and ice.

Shut down the city.

Ice in the city.

While they’re enjoying their bread and milk, I’m enjoying my Skinny Pirates.

Now who do you think is having the better snow day?



Weekend Winks – Fiesta Style

Winter officially hit Nashville this weekend (if you call 30 degrees cold) and to brave the chill, I did what any gal does. I drank cocktails ’til my belly was all warm and cozy.

I ordered a vodka rocks cocktail as soon as my ass hit the bar stool Friday night.  Little did I know that it was buy one, get one so I was presented with the tallest glass of vodka I’ve ever seen, so I carefully sipped instead of my typical guzzle.

Vodka tastes so good.

Glasses of vodka taste so good.

While I was living it up, Teddy was apparently throwing a fiesta at our mini manse. The fabulous Wandering Poet from the blog Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew captured the Bear in all of his party glory and tweeted me this photo evidence.

Tequila Teddy

Tequila Teddy via #TeddyTunes on Twitter. Famous little pussy of mine!

Mr. Bear apparently pulled an all nighter because I was rudely awoken in the wee morning hours Saturday to a cat trying to figure out how to be louder than my white noise machine. He was incessant that I open my eyeballs for the sake of opening my eyeballs.



Realizing that sleep wasn’t going to happen for me, I did what all good cat moms do. Got up and made myself a college game day cocktail.


Cocktails make early mornings better.

And while I was up four hours earlier than normal, I decided to let Christmas explode in the mini manse.

I have a problem. It's called Christmas.

I have a problem. It’s called Christmas.

But I was able to get everything up and in its place before kick-off.

Up and glittering for the game.

My beloved holiday deer up and glittering for the Hawks.

While my folks and I weren’t together for the game, I still honored our moonshine touchdown tradition (who am I to break a family tradition?!).  Call it a pre-Christmas miracle but my Iowa Hawkeyes got a win!

Double duty as not with my folks this game day.

Keeping the ritual alive and kickin’.

With most of the day left on Saturday, I took my celebrating to TJ Maxx, where I found a deal that made me squeal. Literally. In the aisle of TJ Maxx, almost giving an elderly lady a heart attack.

Juicy deal.

Juicy deal.

I love me some Juicy Couture but due to the prices, can’t always (well never, really) purchase any of the goods I long for. So you can imagine my sheer delight when I found a dress originally priced at $158.00 marked down to $25.

Hello cheap!

Be still my beating heart.

On Sunday, I made the discovery of all discoveries…wine on tap. Which will be a custom inclusion in my next mini-manse…most likely in my closet, where I can lay on a leopard couch and drink my ‘what to wear’ decision making problems away.

To be installed in my next mini manse.

Pinot grigio on tap? Yes please.

After my gleeful wine discovery, I tried to master the art of steak making. My first effort (minus a grill) turned out rather well. I don’t know that I would serve it to company but I was proud of my attempt, as Rachel Ray I am not.

Be impressed. Be very impressed.

Be impressed. Be very impressed.

Soaking in the tub with the Sexiest Man Alive wasn’t a rough way to end the weekend.

Sexiest man to be debated but I enjoyed our bath together nonetheless.

Sexiest man can be debated but I enjoyed our bath together nonetheless.

Ted and I will leave you with our new mantra, gifted to us from the always sparkly L. Dawg whom we love like CeeLo Green loves the night life.

Don't we know it!

Don’t we know it!

Sparkle on my friends.



Miami Moments

Coming down off of my Miami high proves to be difficult as the ‘winter’ weather (people here act like 40 degrees is sub-zero) rages on in Nashville.

I saw this sign in Juicy Couture at the Aventura Mall (LOVE this place) and wished I could rip it off the wall but my purse wasn’t big enough to stash it in.

I need this for my mini manse.

I NEED this for my mini manse.

While on a stroll around a neighborhood, I saw the house (or the roof really) Ricky Martin just sold.

Here's what shaking your hips will get you in Miami.

Here’s what shaking your hips will get you in Miami.

Beautiful bodies were all around in the Miami heat.

The view from my beach chair was amazing!

The view from my beach chair was amazing!

Drooling is always a must while browsing the posh stores nowhere near Nashville.



On the flight home, the couple in the seat in front of me had on matching hats.  They had to lift their front brims every time they smooched (once every three minutes).  While some may think this situation was adorable, I wanted to tell them to take it to the plane’s bathroom.


Teddy and I need matching head accessories now.

While collecting my luggage, I caught a glimpse of what looked like the mother of all strollers.


Fancy wheels.

Turns out, it was a stroller – for three dogs. And, I thought I was a crazy lady (although I’m pretty sure Ted needs a stroller to accompany me everywhere now).

A fluffy crowd indeed.

A fluffy crowd indeed.

The sight of the little fur balls made me miss my own all the more. Here’s the glimpse of the view I caught while walking up my front steps.

Tail Whip

Tail whip.

And the warm welcome I received from TB.

Where the hell have you been?

Where the hell have you been?

While he’s all sweetness now, he will be hell on wheels in the very near future, punishing me for being gone consecutive days (although he was spoiled rotten at his grandparent’s house – so don’t fall for that pitiful face).

A much needed Skinny Pirate also welcomed me home.

Much needed SP from my beloved Dalts.

Showing me the love.

After a couple SPs, I got a good night’s sleep with my clingy cat (which of course we all know I love and adore the attention).

blah blah blah

Teddy, acting like we’ve been apart for three years.

And finally, I received this photo from my mini me’s mom. I thought I might burst from laughing so hard when I read the explanation that accompanied the image:

“A puppet of you. Complete with pink highlights and red lipstick – plus giant hoop earrings on the side. Made on the airplane. Creative use of barf bag.”

Never so flattered.

Never so flattered.

You know you’re somebody when your image ends up on a barf bag.