Crazy Cat Lady Lingerie

Oh yeah, I know. This is adult onesie just oozes sex appeal.


Hubba Hubba.

My love for the feline species apparently started at the tender age of birth and as far back as I can remember, cats have always been in my life.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitties....

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitties….

Instead of playing with doll babies, I was busy trying to burp a kitten.

Easy does it there, Ernie.

Easy does it there, Ernie.

In lieu of stuffed animals or Barbies, I took cats down slides as playmates (a desperate shout out for a sibling, you think?). This was as natural to me as all get out, further solidifying my future as a maniacal lover of all things that meow.

Oh you're going down with me. And you're going to love it.

Oh you’re going to slide down with me. And you’re going to love it.

So it’s no surprise that my entire family is well aware of my life long obsession with my cats (all typical grown ass women love cats, right? Right?).

I received a text photo from my extremely insightful cousin Dom one afternoon…

My eyes were in instant ecstasy.

It took all of .02 seconds to wonder why he thought of me when he saw these footie PJs at Target.

Our ensuing conversation went something like:

Me: Where?

Dom: Target. Your mothership.

Me: Holy shit! On my way to buy STAT.

I rushed out my mini manse with such speed that Ted’s fur was still swaying in my created whirlwind when I slammed the front door.

As I laid eyes on the animal print threads, my internal dialogue was saying “I really love leopard print. And I REALLY am crazy about my cat but who in the hell would want one of these jumpsuits, let alone wear it around the house?”

Apparently, yours truly.

Because externally I couldn’t help myself from stashing it into my cart (next to the 13-year-old girl who was also throwing the identical outfit in her mom’s cart) and galloping to the check-out.

How can you say no to kitty feet? You don’t (or rather I don’t).

After purchasing, I couldn’t wait to get home and slip into my new something comfortable.

Taking it up a sultry notch with jazz hands.

As it turns out these pajamas are not only sensible, provocative fashion for the cat lover, they are also quite practical.

Puurfect pockets to stash cat toys and treats.

All moms need a little “me” time and this lounge wear will whisk in to rescue you. And to be honest, isn’t camouflage all the rage these days? My interpretation is just a tad different…

Yep. I own this couch. And matching pajamas.

Cat Camouflage. For the times you need a break from your fur ball and wish to escape by blending in with your surroundings.

Because this sultry lingerie comes with attached footies, you never have to worry about turning your heat on in the winter time.

Ted and I now have matching pink paws.

After all of my prancing around, I was wondering if Mr. Bear was EVER going to acknowledge my new giddy up…


Tedstar tested and approved.

With the added pep in my step from frolicking around in this slinky adult version of a baby’s nighttime attire, I’ve been waiting by the phone for Hugh Hefner to call offering me a spread in an upcoming Playboy magazine.
I mean, how could he resist?

Captain of Fashion

You know, when I started writing this blog I truly had no idea what kind of impact I’d have on my readers.  It turns out that not only do folks tune in for the life and times of Captain and Ted, some young readers even try to follow in my fashion footsteps.

Remember my lovely Cray Cray Cat Lady Lingerie? (If not, do yourself a favor and click to read here).

Hawt Mama

All dolled up with only my cat to show…wonder why?

I was beyond flattered to know that I am now a fashion guru babies look to for style advice. When my gal pal sent me a pic of her daughter parading around in an outfit inspired by my own, my chest puffed with pride.  Look at young Aubs, who is decked head to toe in her finest leopard (I mean imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and let’s be honest… I’m a shining example of how to wear copious amounts of gaudy leopard, right?).

Pride of the pack

Pride of the CBXB pack!

She even has little pink paws on the feet of her outfit, just like her fashion role model!

My paws are of course pink, too

Like mentor, like protege.

And adorable Aubs has yours truly beat in mugging for the camera.

Adorable Aubs

Crazy cat lady in training, perhaps?

But, she has yet to master the art of blending in to her surroundings.

Nice little camo

My cray cray version of Southern camouflage.

Knowing how heavily I influence my infant readers puts some pep in this crazy cat lady’s step. I’m like the Rachel Zoe of infants. I think I see a Bravo TV show in my future (Ted’s paws are already crossed)…don’t you?