Weekend Winks – Back to the Future

Is it just me or does it feel like 1991?

Funny how my history teachers always said history repeats itself and here the fuck we find ourselves in the dramatic throes of a SCOTUS nominee scandal, with sexual assault being at its core – AGAIN.

Proud as fuck of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I chose to follow the hearings as closely as possible because I want to be as informed as possible. Others I know chose not to watch, read or follow anything in the media for all types of various reasons.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop stress eating.

The testimony from Dr. Blasey Ford and the SCOTUS nominee could not have been more opposite. It was like watching a bad reality show, only it’s for real unfolding in front of your eyes. Lucky for me, I had my therapy Thursday and then an evening in with my band buddy, A-Ha.

Sometimes wine out of pumpkin glasses is just what the day ordered.

Another distraction which is funny as hell but not to one little lady in particular. My nephew, Prince B has lost three more teeth than Princess B – all within one week.


Ah, the good old days when all that mattered was who was losing teeth before whom.

I was asked/told several times that I was attached to the SCOTUS drama (along with the millions watching America’s politicians around the world) because I’ve been a victim of rape. Well, that’s partially true because my trigger bell went into high force when the person in charge of America started victim blaming and shaming publicly and others joined in the prior Friday.

All I can say is I know in my bones that Dr. Ford Blasey is not lying. I would bet my life on it. I would bet my cats’ lives on it. I also know that as a woman, this took me back to the first time I found a hand in my pajamas at 14 years of age and didn’t know what to do. I can’t tell you all of the details but I sure as shit know who did it to me. And the “minor” incidents – the ass grabs and slaps from strangers, unwanted come-ons from superior co-workers, just ultimately knowing that most of the women in my life have had some degree of harassment – even if it didn’t culminate into a rape. Shit like this reopens deep seeded wounds and memories whether or not we like it.

On a happier note, Dada CBXB retired on Friday! His company had a breakfast par-tay for him and then we went to lunch with his department. I adorned his college football practice jersey and a football card from when he played for the Baltimore Colts.

No work, all play!

As soon as the lunch was over, I sat in my car, trying not to have a come apart. First, I was enraged last week. I was furious watching the hearings on Thursday and then Friday, knowing how there would be a confirmation, the feeling of pure defeat washed over me. A feeling I couldn’t shake.

And while I want to be brave and strong when people say, “there’s nothing you can do about it,” I call bullshit. I can speak up. I can write. I can vote. I can demand better for my niece and nephew’s generation. But, it’s exhausting to try to move through normalcy when the culture of this country regarding women has hardly budged in 30 years.



I share these videos and emotions to show the vulnerable side and the aftermath years after incidents take place on survivors. I want to share how I truly feel. How it feels for people – women especially – to over prove, over think, over compensate themselves in every.single.situation. To think about what you have to wear before going to jog – can you insert both headphones or leave one out? My key goes in between my fingers as a weapon. To have your mom remind you to wear a hat while driving at night alone, so you look more like a dude. To be careful about walking alone to your car, cause you never know when someone may try to mug you.

You are not alone.

Through all of this, humor is the one thing I can always cling to and happily welcome from Sister CBXB. Along with the hundreds of you who checked in on me all last week, lifting my spirits. My sister noticed something very key that stood out to her in the videos.

The lipstick is Urban Decay for the record. And I put one coat on Friday morning. I took the videos Saturday am, FYI.

Heading to the park for a walk while bawling underneath sunglasses (so chic and not weird at all) helped ease some of the sadness.

Fucking preach.

And so did strawberry martinis with Mama CBXB who demanded a lunch date.

And so did some vino with Bird Lady and First Mate, who have seen more ugly than pretty in me the past five years. I’ve cemented their friendship in happier times, so they’ll need a jack hammer to remove themselves out of my life.

Stuck like cement.

Oh, and speaking of humor, I want to personally deliver an Emmy for a guest appearance to Matt Damon and his spot on, perfect depiction of the SCOTUS nominee at the hearing on Saturday Night Live. Luckily, I recorded it and have watched the cold opening no less than 461 times. So on point. If you have not watched it, Google it now. Right now.

Sunday, Rocky and I got sucked into binge watching and football.

Not wanting to acquire couch sores, I made it to the bathroom for my bubbly routine.

Then it was time to love on my youngest boy, Fabio (who is also known as Fartio because he farts when he gets nervous). It was our one year anniversary together and we celebrated his “Gotcha!” day.

Fabio hearts being mauled.

Starting a fresh week, there’s a few things I know for sure…

I think this bun makes me appear smart.

This still rings true…


Oh, and in case you were wondering what to write down in your calendar/journal this week so you can look back on it 36 years from now when hopefully there isn’t a circus full of ass clowns – and yes, I’m talking about almost all of them – “leading” the country here’s a suggestion:

Write it in permanent marker, just in case we go back to the future and need reference.




Weekend Winks – Celebrating and Reuniting

You know those annoying people who constantly remind everyone around them that their birthday is quickly approaching?

Yep, I’m usually one of them. Like celebrate for a month one of them. Like remind people Christmas day that the date of my birth is precisely three months away. But because of crazy life, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it once (lucky for you)…until this weekend.

Huffin' and puffin' and blowin' that candle out.

Huffin’ and puffin’ and blowin’ that candle out.

Snail mail is one of my all time fave things to receive and I wasn’t disappointed upon visiting my mailbox Friday after work. I was gifted cards and presents from family and friends, which completely made this gal’s long Friday feel fabulous.

Welcome home

Of course I had to rip them right open.

Happy to me!

Happy! Happy! Happy!

What does one do before a birthday week?

Celebrate the arrival of Saturday with mimosas, naturally.

Breakfast of birthday celebrating champions!

Breakfast of birthday celebrating champions!

While I was gulping the morning away, my Ma was up in Iowa getting ready to head back to Nashville after visiting the twins for spring break.

Gigi mania in Iowa

A Gigi sandwich between the bebes.

Thing is, my niece wasn’t about to let Gigi go home without a fight.

Goodbye my love!

Goodbye my love!

My dogphew Gunner even got on the sad train, delivering his best facial performance ever.

So easy. Best puppy eyes.

Puppy dog eyes at their finest.

While Gigi was making everyone cry in Iowa, I set out to clean up the last disastrous room in my mini manse (you know, since I’ve lived here for eight months now…).

Eh...I can do later

My personal landfill.

But visions of pre-birthday cocktails filled my head and so I simply closed the door and prepared for my evening out.

Which started out like this…

Happy PBD to me.

Lip lickin’ good.

And continued on with this…

Lip lickin' good.

Drink me.

Two martinis in when sat at the table, I was pretty sure the restaurant thought I was a Nashville celebrity due to the table decor.

Special treatment

Yep. I’m somebody.

Until I realized every other table either had birthday or anniversary confetti strewn all over.

Hey oh!

Who cares, I still got cake!

What’s a gal to do that never wants a party to end?

I kept it going in my elastic waisted threads (damn you birthday cake!), sipping a nightcap martini out of my gorgeous new leopard glass.

Sunday was a special reunion day, so I dressed up for the occasion.

Sunday best.

Sunday best.

You know how New Cat has been ill with eye, ear and throat issues the past three weeks? And how I have been away from the little fur ball love of my life just as long due to the possibility of him catching one of the three ailments?

Sick no more.

High maintenance New Cat finally healed.

I got my bear back!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Being that he was forced to sit on his very own private screened in porch, as well as peruse a house twice the size of my mini manse, Tedstar was exhausted and headed right for his bed.

REclaiming territory

Reclaiming territory.

Once his five-hour nap concluded, he mustered up the energy to eat a bowl of food and move to the couch for the rest of the evening.

Endless hours of...

Vacation is exhausting.

Now that I have Mr. Ted E. Bear back, my upcoming week full of birthday celebrating will be complete.

Looking for last-minute gift ideas?

You know the way to my heart would be through a cocktail (or four).

Nothing a drink can't fix!

Nothing a drink can’t fix!

Or, you could send me this must-have-for-me flask that my friend Todzilla spotted over the weekend (wonder why he thought of moi?).

Never ending period.

I will be having a never-ending period.

Better hurry though as you’re running out of time.


Yep. I’m a grown ass woman with a bday countdown.

Here’s hoping you have a fabulous week!

Have I mentioned it’s my birthday tomorrow?

Cheers –



Merry Martini Mani

In celebration of the Christmas…

Red nails, gold tips

Red nails, gold sparkle tips


Matching stemware with a manicure is so popular (with me) right now.


Two coats of OPI’s Dear Santa red  hue for the base, followed by two thin coats of OPI’s Glow Up Already for the tips.

If gold sparkle is a little to flashy, what about a more traditional Christmas nail (although it’s still a very loud color combo)?

A red with a green tip

Red nails, green tips matches the strawberry in my martini. Obnoxious, yes but I don’t care!

Red and green

Apply two coats of Orly’s Star Spangled followed by one thick coat of Nicole’s Fell From the Tree on the tips.

And now you’re fabulously set for the many martinis Christmas requires one drink.