Bear by the Mani-tail

So this manicure won’t truly help you catch a bear but I did find that my kit cat Teddy Bear’s tail made for a nice contrast in showing off my latest creation…

Bear by the Tail

Whatever you do, don’t pull.

After applying a base coat, I covered my nails with a swipe of Sally Hansen’s White On.  Once semi-dry, I tipped the ends of my claws in OPI’s DS Radiance (this is apparently considered a ‘designer’ polish and runs about $11 – mine was a gift. So any silver will do!) and used Milani Nail Art in Black Sketch to complete the mini masterpiece.  The grand finale was a coat of Seche Vite’s Dry Fast Top Nail Coat (best ever in my amateur book) to make this mani last almost a week.


Triple Threat

Then I enjoyed using my painted talons as a matching accessory to my wine glasses.


Perfect mates, yes?