Monogram MANIA

I never knew the art of monogramming was so highly regarded until I moved south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Upon my arrival here, I owned a few pieces of jewelry with my initials but not pillowcases, sheets, towels, socks, soap, purses, car decals, shirts, swimsuits, scarves, magnets, underwear, toilet paper (yes, you read that right), shower curtains, wallets, coolers, beach bags, backpacks, and any item in regard to babies and toddlers. Now, I love a one-of-a-kind piece but the traditional style of monogram isn’t for me.  However, I do love putting my own flair into existing pieces in my closet without having to go to an embroidery expert.

Check out my interpretation of monogramming below.  It’s an easy way to turn a typical look into a creation all your own.  I wear something skull and crossbones almost daily, therefore it’s my own personally anointed monogram.

Juicy Couture collared striped shirt, $34.99. Skull and crossbones patch purchased at Michael’s, $2.99. You don’t have to be a sewing expert to adhere spice into your wardrobe. The patch shown is an iron on and takes less than five minutes to complete!