The Beauty of Booty

(and squeezing it into skinny jeans)….

I have a booty. Regardless of my jeans size, I have never lost my backside (think J.Lo or Kim Kardashian – just a lot less photographed, famous and rich). Sure, it’s decreased (and most certainly increased) in volume here and there but continues to remain the sole reason I have to always buy my jeans a size larger than needed.  All to get my damn ass in mother f’n pants.

When skinny jeans first hit the scene, I knew I would never, EVER wear a pair. The thought of magnifying my rear end with jeans as tight as a latex glove (and might as well be tight rolled), made me long for the days of midriff baring tops. But as fashion seasons carried on, there were those f’n skinny jeans – a constant staple to any fashionista’s wardrobe – I had to get in on the style.

One sunny November day, while on vacation in Miami, I was shopping (and drooling and going broke) at Sawgrass Mills.  I mounted the courage to try on a gaggle of deeply discounted skinny jeans at Nordstrom Rack.  While this experience ranks right up there with swimsuit shopping, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Joe’s jeans squeezing me (quite literally) in all of the right places.  I forked over the $39.99 (adore the discount stores!) and thus started my love affair with the skinny jean.

While I expanded my investments in skinnies, I always stayed in the darkest of hues to minimize the beauty of my booty.  However, because I’m a color slut, I fell in love with a pair of neon pink skinny jeans from J. Crew this past spring.  Bummed at the unaffordable (for me)$125 price tag, I was elated to find a very similar Mossimo Supply pair at Target for $24.99.  Sold!

Given the brazen color of the jeans, I went up a size larger than usual and pair them with very basic tops (think solid black, grey, white) and I have loved every minute with them.  I never would have given these beauties the time of day if I enforced the self-inflicted ban from skinny jeans. You too should give these jeans a try (they don’t have to be neon pink, but c’mon, live a little). You will most likely love them – and your ass will thank you, too!

Mossimo Supply Co for Target skinny pink ankle jean, $24.99 Black top, Old Navy, $4.98. Vince Camuto leopard heel, Dillards. $19.99.