Pumpkin Primpin’

Once upon a time a wicked stepmother (still high on paint fumes from her Fancy Fraidy Cat masterpiece) had sudden pangs of guilt for her other three, highly plain, extremely traditional pumpkins.

They sat on ordinary stairs, doing their best to decorate a very common staircase.

Plain, Plainer and Plainest

They longed to be dazzled up and shine their brightest in the 31 days of Halloween spotlight.

So with a few cans of modern fairy dust….

A transformation began.

And poof!

From mediocre to magnificent in moments.

But the wicked stepmother felt that something was missing on her little pumpkin pretties.

Enter the masked crusaders. $2.00 each, Target.

Of course plain white accessories just wouldn’t do, so glitz was added with the wave of a magic spray can.

And a sprinkle of fairy dust.

And finally, garnished with glamour.

The wicked stepmother is proudly introducing the fairest pumpkins in the land:

Puuurfect Pumpkin

Puurfect accompanied by twin sister, Precious.

Precious Pumpkin

With the help of contemporary magic, these primped up pumpkins turned an ordinary staircase into a regal entrance.

And they’ll live happily ever after (well, for 31 days anyway).