Presidential Pussy Party

Yep. That’s right. Ted’s partying down with the POTUS.

Remember when my little fur ball threw his own Vegas style shindig when I was in the real place (click here to catch up on his shenanigans) drinking the health of my liver away?

Well look who ended up turning out for the party AND commemorating my partying pussy for all of his hosting with the mosting with a plaque (which of course is going to hang above Ted’s food bowl).


Captured by our blogging bestie (and now Ted’s personal celebrity photographer) Phil Lanoue, who has the most fabulous photography blog (he makes us think alligators are k-ute).

I always knew my pussy took after his mama – I just didn’t know how much (and now I’m jealous of the company he keeps). I think I need a bumper sticker that reads “My Pussy Parties With Presidents.”

My heart may spontaneously combust with pride.