Who Shit in the Baby Pool?

Growing up, my sister and I had the fortune of being raised alongside our kinfolk (I live in the South now, so I can use that word like it’s no big deal and still relevant in this century. Although I only ever heard it once growing up, in a history book).  A batch of our cousins would visit for weeks at a time in the summer and being in such a small town, we made our own fun. Like getting the garden hose out and filling up a plastic pool on the deck to swim (even when you feel WAY too grown up to get into it).

As it goes with family, you often times become so comfortable, you can let it all hang out (sometimes quite literally).  On the specific day in the photo below, we had an absolute surprise from my cousin T.  He was particularly lazy, not wanting to get out of the pool for a bathroom break.

What's that smell?

What’s that smell?

That’s the little shit (pun intended) T in the back, concentrating on his masterpiece. My sister is on the left, splashing with oblivious delight, as I sit next to her in my Rainbow Brite swimsuit, not amused. Of course T’s big brother in front thinks it’s all kinds of hilarious.  Being trashy is knowing better but doing it anyway, not giving a rat’s ass what anyone thinks.  And T absolutely knew better but rejoiced in seeing our squeals of disgust and overreaction to the floater in the baby pool.

Although, I’m thinking a turd in a plastic pool was a step up from where my folks originally took me to swim…in mud puddles (because that’s all kinds of sanitary, yes?) where it looked like someone had previously taken a dump.

Mud buddies.

The original Honey Boo Boo.

No pool? No worries. Just find a hole on a gravel road and insert kids! Luckily for me, I had on long pants unlike my teeny weeny friend Erica who got to soak in all of the benefits of a gravel pit with her short overalls.

Now that’s nothing if not fabulous trash.



Pretty Pile of…

I’m sharing another piece of my cheap ‘art’ in the form of a framed greeting card.

Tough times call for comic relief.  My sister sent me this card and you would have thought I designed it myself – complete with yellow glitter background, pink sparkly flower and cocky saying on the front.

Here’s hoping for flowers (no matter how they grow).

Frame, $9.99. Target. Card, gift. Priceless.

Because I love this piece of treasured art so much (and because I’m oh so classy), I found it a home on my desk at work. I couldn’t determine whether to put it in my bathroom at home or take it to display at my place of employment (thank God not all decisions are so brutal). But I already have the sparkly deer head mounted in my bathroom (see The Deer Hunter, Sparkly Style) and didn’t want household guests to think they were in Rainbow Brite’s port-a-potty.

I keep thinking that the budding flower on the card just might start winding its way out of its pile of shit and grow toward me. Here’s hoping!