Pussy Producer

Film me, Bitches.

Film me, Bitches.

I always knew my pussy was a self-absorbed, one-of-a-kind, scene stealing feline but I had no clue he could also act as a producer, director, location scout, lighting manager and camera man at the same time.

When filming a sizzle reel in my mini manse for a possible reality TV show, my main squeeze Ted put his mad skills to use as soon as the equipment hit the floor.


Any other color for this cord? Say, pink for instance?

Equipment manager

Can we get this bar a tad lower? I can’t jump over anything more than one inch off of the ground.

Think you can get a better angle

This angle is all wrong. Jesus!

Set direction

Envisioning potential for filming a scene.


A little more light over here, please!

Location scout

Location scout.

While I was under the impression Mr. Bear was taking charge for my well-being, he had other ideas…

No, seriously. Film me.

No, seriously. Film me. NOW.

Lighting Director

More light shining on me, please!

So not moving.

CUT! She’s blocking my good side.

Pretty pussy

Puurfectly primped pussy poised for an interview.

After all of the spotlight stealing, Tedstar needed a cattail to take the edge off.

Cattail time.

Being a cat star is beyond exhausting.

After resting his weary paws, TB realized he was one pooped pussy and decided it was a wrap (such a diva already).

Pooped pussy.

No pawtographs, please.

Upon waking up the next morning, I could tell Ted was wondering where the fabulous lighting had gone as he cruised from room to room looking for our mini manse guests.

Since he’s so lonesome for the camera, I make him feel better every other minute by shouting –

“Lights! Camera! Teddy!”



Sizzle It. Just a Little Bit.

My Nashville weekend was filled with lights, cameras and all kinds of action.

Recently, I was approached by a producer who stumbled upon my blog and thought my life (and Teddy’s too) might make for interesting reality TV. So we explored that idea further this weekend by filming footage for a sizzle reel (could it be called anything more appropriate for me?).

Sizzle it. Just a little bit.

Sparkling for the sizzle.

Although I had the time of my life, I’m still in the depths of recuperation from…

The copious amounts of cocktails (in every scene),

One lush of a cat.

My incessant talking (pretty sure I made the camera dude’s ears bleed),

No. I c

My voice will be haunting his nightmares.

Trying to keep the lipstick off my teeth (damn Dracula chompers),

Image 13

Four hours of continuous zip lining (I need a new crotch),

So black isn’t always flattering…

Mascot manhandling (yep, you read that right),

If this isn’t TV gold, I don’t know what is.

Shopping in six inch stilettos for hours (anyone wanna rub my feet?),

Image 15

Seriously. Help.

And filming back-to-back 12 hour days, which caused us to take not-so-flattering selfies when it was a wrap.

Bleary eyed and bushy tailed.

Bleary eyed and bushy tailed.

As you can tell by the look in Ted’s eyes, he’s wondering why can’t all weekends be just like this one…