Weekend Winks – Football ‘n’ Flu

Funny how one minute we can be knocking back shots and the next be laid flat-out on the bathroom floor.


From this….

2.5 seconds flat. Not the four seasons but it will do.

…to this in 2.5 seconds flat.

It all started on a happy note Saturday.

With my Iowa Hawkeyes off on a bye week, I was headed to a tailgate for the Ole Miss vs. Alabama game. The hostess, Lady, is a Mississippi chick through and through and requested that I cheer on her team. But come to find out, I don’t own any navy (the horror reversecommuter!) so I concocted my own anti-Alabama attire with the help of some duct tape (which I’m sure assisted Ole Miss with their victory).

Tailgate attire

Classy dressing at its finest.

Ole Miss Baby

Lady and the duct taped Tramp.

As all of my friends are crazy about procreating, the tailgate was toddler friendly with much of the halftime show featuring free-flowing tears.

Tailgating with toddlers

Who needs a marching band when you have this for entertainment?

Feeling left out (and guilty) because I left my two-year-old feline at home (anybody know where I can get a cat papoose?), I scooped up a kid to feel included.

Even rented a baby.

Rent-a-baby looks natural on me, yes?

But all of the fun and games came to a crashing halt with the sudden regurgitation of everything I’d consumed over the weekend. First thinking it was food poisoning but quickly resigning to the fact that it was the stomach flu as I camped out on the bathroom floor overnight to alleviate my body from over exerting itself in the mad dash from my bed the toilet every 45 minutes.

Not the four seasons but it will do.

Not the Four Seasons but it will do.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I texted my buddy Camo to see if he had any anti-nausea medicine he could drop off the following day. Not only did he have quick dissolving tablets to trick my body into absorption (instead of the expulsion it was doing to everything else I tried), he delivered it at 4am along with some hydrating fluids.

Knight in shining Camo.

Knight in shining Camo.

Unable to watch TV due to pulsating eyelids, I kept up on highlights of a family wedding I was missing out on in Iowa.

Wedding shenanigns and photo bombs.

Wedding shenanigans and photo bombs.

When it came time to the caretaking, I’m sure you all know who was the first in line for snuggle duty.

Ted cold shouldering New Cat out of nursing duties.

Mr. Bear cold shouldering New Cat out of nursing responsibilities.

Even with all of the cat cuddles, my stomach still hated my guts. But my gal pal G (the one who fights 80-year-olds) left a sweet surprise outside of my door after she picked up a prescription for me.

My friends kick ass.

My friends kick ass.

And while still on the mend, I’m pretty sure my most demanding pussy will insist I stay home sick every day.


Mother lover.

Here’s hoping your week has been and remains healthier than mine!