Whiska Lickin’ Good

Ted was ultra pissed off at me last night when I opened a nice bottle (well, box really because I’ve lost my wine opener in my own mini manse and still can’t find it) of Pinot Grigio and forgot to pour him a glass as well. He gave me the finest stink eye in all of the South.

Cattail 4

Forgot me? Forget you!

So after suggesting we share, he had to think about it for 30 minutes as I held the glass low enough for His Royal Highness to decide whether or not to take a chug.

Cattail 6

I don’t want a drink now that you want me to have one.

After our cowboy stare down passed and the tumbleweeds rolled by, the stubborn kit cat caved.

Cattail 5

Well, I can just smell it…

Cattail 1

But then again, maybe a taste wouldn’t hurt, either.

Cattail 2

Hmm…lip smackingly good.

Cattail 3

But wait, I thought that was Captain!

After our disgruntled wine tasting experience, Mr. Bear concluded he prefers Skinny Pirates over white wine (takes after his Captain Morgan loving mother – my heart is bursting with pride only a cat mom can understand).

Whatever the happy hour has you guzzling tonight, we hope it’s whiska lickin’ good! We’ll be sticking to Skinny Pirates – and yes, I’ll be pouring two glasses.




King of the Catsle

About five years ago, I welcomed Teddy Bear into my life.

I found him at the Nashville Cat Rescue where he’d been saved from a one bedroom apartment full of 30 cats. And he was obviously the low cat on the food chain there, as he didn’t dare jump on any furniture, never ever meowed about anything and was scared to let me hold him even for one second (my how times of changed).

At that time, I had a partially screened in porch. My new little Prince Teddy had such a sweet, timid demeanor, I would let him sit on the porch alone and was thrilled he was happy to sit on the chairs and relax in the sun.

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun.

And then after a few months, he suddenly came out of his meek shell, deciding that he was King of the Porch (or maybe even the jungle) and this happened –

not the good kind

Feathers. Not fur.

King Teddy ‘presented’ me with a beautiful cardinal while I was soaking in the bath one evening. First, I screamed bloody murder. Then I thought the poor cat’s jaw was going to break because his mouth was open so wide. And finally, I freaked when he wouldn’t let the bird go until a towel was put over his head. (The bird lived, which I was also in worried tears about, naked, soaking wet in the bathroom). Ultra relaxing five minutes.

His Royal Highness got very daring  on the porch after the Great Bird Incident and he attempted to escape to a nearby bush (about four feet away) which turned out like this:


Body outline of my Bear.

He climbed a top the railing and apparently thought the bush was sturdy enough to hold him up (Teddy sometimes has blonde moments like his mother). It was super fun trying to get him out of the damn tangle of limbs.

The porch was promptly screened in all the way to the ceiling for my blue blooded attack cat.


Teddy’s own private jail.

But of course, King Ted was always looking for a way out.

Don't jump

Does curiosity kill?

Now in my cozy mini-catsle, I’m the evil Queen happy to keep Ted preserved behind glass windows, knowing that I won’t have any unwelcome gifts or a clumsy cat stuck in a bush.

Behind the screen, right where he belongs!

Behind the screen, right where a King belongs!

From our Kingdom to yours – Happy Friday!



Keep Calm and Tape On

I have such an ongoing love affair with tape, my last name should be Scotch. I’ve used leopard duct tape to decorate planters (click here to view) and to spruce up my vintage couch Teddy sank his claws into because I forgot (mom of the year!) to feed him (to read about His Royal Highness’ bitchiness, click here).

I am always looking for ways to spruce up my mini-manse (with no budget, of course) without adding to the volume of belongings I already stuff into every nook and cranny of my place without becoming a featured episode on Hoarders.  So here’s my newest creation that cost a whopping $4.49.

Laundry Wing in my mini-manse complete!

Laundry Wing in my mini-manse complete!

Every time I walk through my front door (my only door to the outside world), the first thing I see is the bland Laundry Wing of my mini-manse (the doors slide open and without having to move an inch, you’re in the laundry room – lucky me not having to burn any extra calories walking to the other side of my place!).

From plain

Ho Hum Laundry Wing

I’ve often thought about painting the doors but never took the plunge, as I want my security deposit back (if I ever leave renter’s land). So when I spotted a roll of black masking tape at work, I had an Aha! moment. Why haven’t I considered my beloved tape for a DIY project? Hello blonde moment.

Here’s what you’ll need to spruce up any wing (with doors) in your very own manse:

Scissors. Your choice color of tape.

Be sure you choose a matte type of tape – the shinier the tape’s surface, the more flaws will show (uneven cut lines in my case).

Cut. Tape. Very hard.

Cut tape. Apply. Very hard.

I started eyeball ‘measuring’ the pieces by lining them up with the lines below and cutting the tape just a little longer.


As I moved on, I cut the tape at an angle.  When I did a straight cut, the corners seemed thick and uneven (I’m such a perfectionist with my eyeballing of measurements and all).

I tried to angle the corners to save me later

After seeing my initial result I was in LOVE (and thought I was an instant interior designer, patting myself on the back).  I had to apply two layers of tape for each crevice but by using the black matte color you can barely tell (unless your eyes are centimeters away from the doors).


Once I finished all of the doors, I was worried that the masking tape might not be adhesive enough to last as long as I wished.  So I got out my trusty Mod Podge in another moment of my sheer geniusness (these moments are very far and few between for me).

Modge Podge and sponge brush for corners or thin layer around all tape.

Mod Podge I had on hand (but would cost you about $5.00 if you didn’t). Foam brush, $0.99.

A very thin coat of my favorite gloss-lustre did the trick.


And now here’s what I see as I prance into my lair…

Go give your own Laundry Wing some love!

All of my other boring white doors in various wings of my mini-manse are so jealous.

Can you blame them?