Pink Lady

For some reason, this mani makes me think of the Pink Ladies in one of my fave movies, Grease. A little girlie with the hot pink polish, topped with a stripe of black “I’m a bad ass” on the tips.

The black makes this mani a little rough around the edges.

The black makes this mani a little rough around the edges…just like Danny Zuko!

To Rizzo‘fy your nails, start with a base coat followed by two coats of pink. Let the polish set for about five minutes, paint the black strip accompanied by a top coat.

Now all reactions to statements said to me this week will be “tell me about it, Stud.” I mean with a mani like this, why not?



Fergie Can Suck It

The relief mani.

The relief mani.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Fergie since she whined about a child and it’s blanket in her song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” She’s a grown ass woman crooning about missing a man “like a child misses a blankeeee.” PLEASE.

So it truly pained me when I HAD to purchase a nail color from her collaboration with Wet’n’Wild.  The fluorescent neon hue screamed my name and I got over myself and bought the damn bottle. I mean, she’s got funky style – how bad could the polish be, really?

It was horrid.  The photos do not show how the actual color turned out. Instead of being a vibrant, neon pink, it was a beachy coral that was dull.  It made my fingers look like they belonged to an 8-year-old Black Eyed Peas fan with a blankee in tow.

F Fergie and her Wet'n'Wild ways!

F Fergie and her Wet’n’Wild ways!

Don't buy.

Don’t buy unless you want a mani that belongs to a prepubescent girl.

Upon application, I added the sparkly top coat to see if it would make any difference.  And it did. I looked like I was a kindergartener that just applied a birthday manicure. Needless to say, I hated the outcome, the product and now realize why I stopped buying Wet’n’Wild nail polish so long ago. Lesson learned. AGAIN.

Because I do my nails Sunday nights, I slept on it, thinking I’d feel better about it in the morning. Nope. Loathed the color and Fergie all the more – especially since I was having to paint my nails twice in two days.

Here’s what Ted and I did last night…

Better. Pawsitively.

Pawsitively better.


Sally Hansen HARD as NAILS Xtreme Wear in Black Out (370) and White On (300).

finger lickin' good

Finger lickin’ good.

Upon completion, we snuggled up in our blankee (hey, I didn’t say I didn’t have one – I just don’t whine about it in song), drank wine and literally watched paint dry for the second night in a row.

Lucky us!



Candy Mani Mania – The Sequel

So, as I was having a mouth party with candy corn over the weekend, I was again inspired to recreate the sweet treats on my nails.  Instead of the traditional candy corn, as I did before, I went with the chocolate caramel flavor.  I know, I know. So edgy.

This manicure seemed appropriate, as I will be stuffing my face all week in honor of Thanksgiving.

I first painted two coats of Chanel’s Black Satin (it was a gift, I’d never spend that kind of dough on nail polish – although it’s fabulous!), then had to wait patiently (not a skill I possess with ease) as my nails dried.  After my base coats were completely dry, I attached Scotch tape toward the lower half of my nail.  Below is an example from the original Candy Mani Mania.

Dry already!

After this step, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Wear in Crushed and let it set for a few minutes.  I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Wear in White Out to the tips (as I would with a French mani).  I’ve gotten a steady hand from so much practice but there are strips you can place at the tip of your nail if you don’t trust your abilities.  Add one coat of Seche Vite top coat and you’re done!

Tasty lookin’ trio

Now just try to not eat your nails for dessert.

Gobble. Gobble.


Candy Mani Mania

While stuffing my face with this season’s delights, I had an idea for a manicure that will make your sweet tooth ache.

Candy corn craze!

I had the nail colors on hand (because I’m a polish whore) but all can be found at your local beauty or drug store.

Sally Hansen in White Out, China Glaze in Solar Power and Sally Hansen in Crushed.

After a base coat, I applied two coats of Crushed.

Wait for these coats to dry completely (I had a small trial and error with this because I have no patience).

Then, place scotch tape in the middle of your nails.

Once the tape is secured, apply one coat of Solar Power.

Be sure your nails are semi-dry before removing the tape. Then remove by pulling the tape from one side to the other, instead of up and down.

Add the white tips, as you would with a french mani, apply a top coat and try not to snack on your own nails.