Candy Mani Mania

While stuffing my face with this season’s delights, I had an idea for a manicure that will make your sweet tooth ache.

Candy corn craze!

I had the nail colors on hand (because I’m a polish whore) but all can be found at your local beauty or drug store.

Sally Hansen in White Out, China Glaze in Solar Power and Sally Hansen in Crushed.

After a base coat, I applied two coats of Crushed.

Wait for these coats to dry completely (I had a small trial and error with this because I have no patience).

Then, place scotch tape in the middle of your nails.

Once the tape is secured, apply one coat of Solar Power.

Be sure your nails are semi-dry before removing the tape. Then remove by pulling the tape from one side to the other, instead of up and down.

Add the white tips, as you would with a french mani, apply a top coat and try not to snack on your own nails.