Sexy Skinny Spaghetti

Looking to wow the pants off your Valentine? Or maybe just a way to stay in your skinny jeans?

Avoid the bloated feeling that often comes with traditional pasta by substituting noodles with spaghetti squash.  I thought this was a ridiculous idea (how could a vegetable taste like pasta?!) until I tried it for the first time (I loathe change).

Skinny Sketti

You will need a spaghetti squash, choice of meat (if desired) and your favorite Italian sauce (I use bottled – but low sodium!).


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Microwave the squash for about a minute.  This will make it loads easier to cut and save your hand strength for opening that tightly sealed jar of sauce (let’s be real, I would never make from scratch).


Once cut, scoop the seeds out of the middle (if you forget this step (as I almost ALWAYS do) you can remove after cooking – no worries).

fork or spoon

Hold on tight because the squash is slippery!

Slippery Sucker

Once seeds have been removed, place halves on a cooking sheet.  Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your gourd.


Use a fork to create ‘spaghetti’ noodles.


I can make four meals out of one large spaghetti squash (thus not having to cook all week. Score!).

Spaghetti Sizzle

Typically, I add FreeBird chicken breast strips that can be found at Whole Foods (low in sodium and calories) but I’ve also used turkey meatballs and lean ground beef in my sauce.


Mix sauce and cooked meat, bring to a boil.


Serve immediately with or without cheese (due to the non-pasta spaghetti, I treat myself with a handful of mozzarella on top).


Just might wow the pants off of your Valentine!

Use reduced fat cheese to keep it on the ‘skinny’ side.

This cheesy version of sexy spaghetti will cost $10 (more or less depending on the meat) has about 260 calories, 20 carbs and 11 grams of sugar overall.

Now get out there in all your skinny glory and seduce someone.



How to Not Melt on a Red Carpet

Working at a production company in Nashville, my job comes with perks.

Like moving and shaking behind the scenes of the red carpet at tonight’s Country Music Awards ceremony. Problem is, I’m working. And I’ve been running around since 7am this morning and hope (fingers crossed) that I don’t look like the wicked witch that melted in The Wizard of Oz by the time I actually make it to the arena to rub elbows.

I was so worried about what to wear because A) I want to look good and B) I want to pretend like I’m not trying too hard to look hip but nailing it (everyone in the music industry is oh so cool but doesn’t want anyone to think they care. Does that make them hipsters?).

So here’s what I’ve been prancing around in all day (trying to avoid sweating (obvious reasons), the windy breeze (hair!), and the sun (would dissolve my applied 9 hours ago makeup) :

I figure I can take my blazer off if I get too hot and fling it over my shoulder, ’80s style. But then I’d still be ‘dressy’ with my vest. Oh the woes of my job.

Vest, Express – $12.99. Necklace, Target – $9.99. Blazer, Gap – $49.99. Jeans, Rag & Bone – $69. Gotta love sales!

Earrings, Target – $8.99.

A little sparkle and spike accessories, sprucing it up behind the scenes.

In lieu of old fashioned shit kickers, I’ve opted for “I think I can kick your ass” motorcycle boots, which are packed with edgy comfortableness.

Hieee-yah! Stay back Kenny Chesney! Boots, Coach.

This is quite a banner year, as tonight marks my second red carpet experience in just two months (oh, I’m really somebody). If tomorrow’s headlines read that Carrie Underwood slipped backstage, you’ll know that it was due to my melted pile of mess (and this mission was not accomplished).

No autographs, please.


Where the Wild Jeans are….

You know how some things are just meant to be?

All Spring, I lusted after the Joe’s Jeans Wild collection, flipping through my magazines and seeing the patterned prints on size 0 rear ends. Deep down, I just knew that there was no way in hell I would ever be able to squeeze into a pair (let alone fork over the $200 for the jeans) without looking like a fat cat who just swallowed a flock of canaries.

While shopping at my Von Maur, (my all time favorite department store) on a recent trip to Iowa, my heart skipped a beat when I pounced on a pair of the Wild jeans.  I was ecstatic to see they were deeply discounted but immediately remembered that I have hips. And an ass. Damn it!

I’ve recently gotten over the scariness of skinny jeans (see The Beauty of Booty post) but skinnies + an ass + leopard print = cheap call girl (not to judge – although it’s not quite the look I aim to achieve). But the dressing room had already accumulated other threads to try on, so why not see how this journey would work out?

Well friends, a small miracle took place in the dressing room. I was not only able to get the jeans on (thanks to the 2% elastin), they looked pretty fabulous (although I do look more like a statuesque lion than cute, tiny cub in them). As soon as the button on the waist band clasped shut, the sold sign went up outside of the dressing room. And it’s been happily ever after since.

I’ve paired them with my heels for work…

And kept it simple on top with a black T-shirt…

T-shirt, $9.99. Express. Joe’s Jeans, $65. Von Maur. Shoes, $19.99. Dillards. Cluch, gift (Lucky me!). Coach. Necklace, $12.99. Bebe.

And paired with my Tori Burch flip flops for a BBQ…

Top, $3.98. Old Navy. Necklace, $6.98. Forever 21. Tori Burch flip flops, $29.99 (total score!). Marti & Liz.

Needless to say, I’m in f’n love with these pants. I wish I could wear them every day. But because they’re a whole lotta look (as my sister would say), I try to keep them in a once a week rotation. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a cheap call girl or anything.


The Beauty of Booty

(and squeezing it into skinny jeans)….

I have a booty. Regardless of my jeans size, I have never lost my backside (think J.Lo or Kim Kardashian – just a lot less photographed, famous and rich). Sure, it’s decreased (and most certainly increased) in volume here and there but continues to remain the sole reason I have to always buy my jeans a size larger than needed.  All to get my damn ass in mother f’n pants.

When skinny jeans first hit the scene, I knew I would never, EVER wear a pair. The thought of magnifying my rear end with jeans as tight as a latex glove (and might as well be tight rolled), made me long for the days of midriff baring tops. But as fashion seasons carried on, there were those f’n skinny jeans – a constant staple to any fashionista’s wardrobe – I had to get in on the style.

One sunny November day, while on vacation in Miami, I was shopping (and drooling and going broke) at Sawgrass Mills.  I mounted the courage to try on a gaggle of deeply discounted skinny jeans at Nordstrom Rack.  While this experience ranks right up there with swimsuit shopping, I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Joe’s jeans squeezing me (quite literally) in all of the right places.  I forked over the $39.99 (adore the discount stores!) and thus started my love affair with the skinny jean.

While I expanded my investments in skinnies, I always stayed in the darkest of hues to minimize the beauty of my booty.  However, because I’m a color slut, I fell in love with a pair of neon pink skinny jeans from J. Crew this past spring.  Bummed at the unaffordable (for me)$125 price tag, I was elated to find a very similar Mossimo Supply pair at Target for $24.99.  Sold!

Given the brazen color of the jeans, I went up a size larger than usual and pair them with very basic tops (think solid black, grey, white) and I have loved every minute with them.  I never would have given these beauties the time of day if I enforced the self-inflicted ban from skinny jeans. You too should give these jeans a try (they don’t have to be neon pink, but c’mon, live a little). You will most likely love them – and your ass will thank you, too!

Mossimo Supply Co for Target skinny pink ankle jean, $24.99 Black top, Old Navy, $4.98. Vince Camuto leopard heel, Dillards. $19.99.