Nashville’s 90210 St. Patio Party

Remember this piece of shit umbrella that helped add ambiance to the 90210 neighborhood of Nashville in which I reside? If not, do yourself a favor and click here to read about it.

Remember this piece of shit umbrella?

The once khaki, now a nice shade of mold green umbrella.

After reading about my contribution to trashiness last week, my dad decided to give me a pre-birthday gift (PBGs are THE BEST, as I celebrate my upcoming birthday the entire month of March) in the form of a little patio makeover (my dad initially helped me complete my patio wing, which took an entire year to complete – read about the loooooong process here) on St. Patty’s Day.

First, “we” started by blowing the ugly out of the yard (I contributed by snapping pics).

Leprechaun Lawn

Leprechaun lawn boy.

Then to spruce up the corner of my sidewalk, “we” prepped the area for a trio of daffodils.

dig dig dig dig dig

Dig faster!

Spring has sprung in my corner of Nashville

Spring has sprung in my tiny corner of Nashville.

I served as the Project Manager as my folks worked on filling the umbrella base with sand.

I served as the Project Manager. Jewels, not tools.

Remember my nails are jewels, not tools. Therefore I was forced to drink my cocktail instead of touch sand.

Blonde moment 4,325 – did you know that by putting sand in the umbrella base you can avert disasters like this? Me either.

Making it hard to stay classy

Maybe sand would have prolonged the short life of my previous umbrella….oops.

Blonde moment 4,326 – did you know that when you put sand in this contraption, you put it in the smaller opening? Me either.

Blonde Moment 4,326

The large hole is for the umbrella…

While I was having all kinds of light bulbs go off in my blonde brain outside, Ted was desperately seeking attention trying to claw his way through my storm door.



When I went to fawn all over him, this is what I was welcomed by…

Ruined rug

A ruined rug.

And as I went to capture his ‘guilty’ mug, this is what I got…

When I came in to scold, this is all I got.

A tongue in my face. THE NERVE.

But I’ll take a ruined rug for a spruced up party wing!

It's red, NOT orange!

I wonder if this will look like Christmas decor when I start growing mold on it with my green thumbs?

And as we did the year before, we christened the patio with cocktails (duh, how else do would I do it?).

All of the last year's

All of the last year’s hard work commenced with vodka lemonades…

St. Patio Party!

And this year we clinked our glasses with Irish green dream drinks during our St. Patio Party.

Making the ‘hood a tad classier with my spruced up party patio back in action due to my PBG (can you tell I hate my birthday?).

Neighbors, you’re welcome.