Weekend Winks – Crazier by the Cat

Hi. My name is CBXB and I for sure may or may not have a pussy problem. But before I divulge, let me tell you how it all started…

A fiesta at work opened the weekend to a vast array of shenanigans on Friday afternoon.

Senorita and Senor Happy.

Senorita and Senor Happy.

And the debauchery carried over to another amigo’s birthday party.

My nose.

Picking the perfect birthday present.

I found myself waking up to darkness Saturday morning because I thought it would be a good idea to sleep in my prescription sunglasses.

Dazed. Confused.

Dazed. Confused. Blonde.

But rising in my sunnies proved ideal, as I simply rolled out of bed and trotted to the annual Tomato Festival in East Nashville.

Who doesn't drink shots before noon on a Saturday? WHO?!

Who doesn’t drink shots before noon on a Saturday?

Speaking of shots (caffeine that is), Princess B has decided that she will work at a Starbucks drive thru for her first job.

Your blueberry scone and coffee.

Your blueberry scone and coffee are ready.

While Prince B will most likely seek joining a band of pirates for employment when he’s old enough.

Cowboy with a little crossbones.

Cowboy with a little crossbones.

But regardless, this weekend the twins were all smiles because this big guy was up in Iowa for a visit…



Back in Nashville, minus 4,027,971 brain cells from the weekend (and although still in deep mourning over the sudden loss of New Cat) this happened…



I, uh....er....

I, uh….er….I’ll take them.


Three times the fucking charm?

Help. Me.




Weekend Winks – Booze, Babies and Furriends

Oh the shenanigans that take place over the 48 hours of a weekend here in Nashville are (thankfully) never dull for me.  I caught myself falling more in love with this little precious chug, as she crept her way back into the mini manse and lived life among pussies for two days.

Being that the week had been rather hectic, busy and full of those ‘holy shit’ life stresses, it only made sense to soothe those feelings with a Shot Stache of tequila.

Long week...

Who doesn’t decompress with a shot of tequila in a plastic moustache?

No bueno

This was a success until I was still burping Mexico’s finest the following morning.

While I was plucking hairs from my chest from a tequila overdose, my two little Iowa twins were busy enjoying an inside water park (what else do you do in subfreezing temperatures?).

Swim team.

Prince and Princess B practicing for the swim team.

Since the twins treated the slides and lazy river like they were their jobs, lazy time was required.

Wringing it out.

Wringing it out.

And how else do you cure a water park hangover?

With Starbucks of course.

Starting them young on Starbucks.

Starting them young.

When my chest hair removal was finally complete (and tequila was brushed off of my breath), I got all dolled up to help out my gal pal Jdub on Saturday by acting as a model (Gisele to be exact) for a photo shoot.  Jdub is an insanely creative and talented lady who operates Girl Friday Nashville, where she sells her one-of-a-kind scarves, jewelry, headpieces and t-shirts.  There will be oh so many more behind-the-scenes moments to share with you in the very near future.

Still waiting for Ford Modeling Agency to call.

Still waiting for Ford  Models Modeling Agency to call.

After my exhausting day (it’s so hard to sit pretty and act classy) of acting as Gisele was over, I turned my attention to other furry matters.

Snuggle down with this precious thing.

Snuggle monster mania.

And if you happen to be wondering how two snarky pussies reacted to our guest – well, it took a while for hell to freeze over, de-thaw and return to normal BUT by the end of the evening, we were one big happy animal kingdom.

Three may be company but four

Purrfect companions.

Speaking of furry friends, can you please send your thoughts, good karma, prayers, hugs and love to Mighty Dog? She belongs to one of my fave couples and dear friends and is recovering from cancer surgery performed last week.  Ms. Thang is home and recovering well but more help never hurt.

Mighty Dog

Mighty Dog resting comfortably with a plush, inflated cone.

Cheers to the kick off of what will hopefully be a fabulous week!