Losin’ and Boozin’

Tailgating usually means good beer, tasty treats, fun times and hopefully, an eventful game where your team is victorious.

But what about the seasons your team is really sucking?

You do as any good fan would do – tailgate anyway!

There are no losers in tailgating…that’s what makes it all the more fabulous!

I’m a Big Ten Girl, a Hawkeye fanatic and an all around football lover. Tailgating is tradition at my alma mater, the University of Iowa (as it is at countless colleges across America) and when I was in school, this past time meant booze, beer pong and boys.  Now that I’m all grown up (mostly) tailgating now involves booze, snacks and booze (with the snack portion of this event taking great importance).

It looks like my beloved team is going to have a lack luster season and while it may seem easy to throw in the towel, especially when living in Nashville, hundreds of miles away from the stadium in Iowa City, we’re still at it on Saturdays.

How does one prep for a tailgate with small hopes her team will get a W? By treating it just like any other award winning season.

First, you get your football dishes and platters out (now I realize not everyone is cuckoo for football, so you don’t necessarily HAVE to own sports themed dishware but you must admit, it is so much cuter than your average Tupperware, yes?).

Then you cross your fingers that guests bring fabulous treats to go along with the decorative dishes you’ve laid out.

Last Saturday, we had my blog famous Shit Dip, chips and salsa, a cheese ball and crackers, Mexican dip and my dad’s “best batch of ribs ever” (which is a direct quote from the chef himself).

Teddy (never one to be left out) partook in the game day treats, too.

And who can forget the key element to a successful tailgate? Not this crew.

What fun is a tailgate without the booze in the team cup, with the matching nails (check out Mama’s Mani) and T-shirt?

Speaking of cocktails, typically we toast Hawkeye touchdowns with a celebratory shot but we’ve yet to run one into the end zone this season. So now we put extra Captain in our diet coke and end up doing a shot at the end of the game in celebration that the clock finally ran out.

Cheers to a really looooooong season (and hopefully a win this weekend). At least we still have the anticipation of tailgating every Saturday – some things never change.


Shit Dip

Don’t let the name fool you. This dip is divine.

I’m prone to easy, simple, don’t dirty too many dishes because I don’t have a dishwasher recipes (plus I don’t have a love deep in my heart for cooking – wish I felt the same about eating).  So with tailgating season here and holiday party time right around the corner, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite, effortless, wallet friendly, minimal ingredient snack food.

This recipe comes from my gal pal Katie B. She didn’t give this tasty dip its moniker…I did, the day after I practically ate the entire bowl single handedly at the last party in which it appeared and left me feeling very cleansed the next day.

My favorite part about this dip (aside from being so tasty) is you can make it via the microwave!

Here’s what you need:

1 stick butter

1 block cream cheese

2 cans white shoe peg corn (it’s basically sweet corn – I had to Google it since I’m a regular Betty Crocker and all)

10 chopped jalapeno rings (more or less depending on your preference)

Tortilla chips

Ingredients for the cleansing dip all purchased at Target (where else?) for a grand total of $4.06. Add the $2 for a bag of cheap tortilla chips and you’re set for $6. My kind of treat!


In a microwave safe bowl (and one big enough to eventually hold two cans of corn) melt the stick of butter, then add the block of cream cheese. Nuke for about a minute or so and then add the 2 cans of corn (if you add the corn too early, it gets chewy). Add the jalapenos, heat to desired temperature and serve immediately.

That’s it!

You’ll really wow ‘em at the next tailgate. Just remember to supply toilet paper.