Presidential Pussy

Have I mentioned that Mr. Ted E. Bear, the little fur ball love of my life is running for President in 2016?

18 Campaigning at Boeing


It all started when our buddy Phil Lanoue caught President Obama giving Ted a commemorative plaque for his abilities to party like no other cat.

POTUS pussy party.

And now compliments of our bestie @WanderinPoet, Teddy (who can’t fit his now lion’s sized head through any doorway in our mini manse) is running a full on campaign via Twitter.
My presidential candidate also has a very large campaign staff with many of our Twitter friends filling the positions with my dad being Head of Security.  He’s the menacing fella below…

Extremely threatening security guard.

The KaDoh! Institute blog captured several of Mr. Bear’s campaign stops, so please feast your eyes on my already self-absorbed feline…


Teddy For President Webisode by the KaDoh! Institute

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@CowboysXBones cat, Teddy, is running for President in 2016.

His campaign is in full swing, and he has criss crossed the country on campaign stops and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and Arsenio.

He has not declared a party as yet, and may run as an Independent!

21 Nevada Campaign

22 South Carolina

23 State of the Union

24 Arsenio

25 The Teddy Retreat

26 Super Bowl

27 ~ Adding to Staff

28 ~ Director of Communications

Cast: @WanderinPoet, @big1benny, @Koustave, @StevieBoylan @TripGhetaway, @YJewelle, and yours truly…@CowboysXBones.


I’m sure there will be an over abundance of interesting campaign stops that we’ll be sharing with you.

Just remember as you are bombarded with political commercials, phone calls and door-to-door supporters…