Weekend Winks

In deep recovery from a food coma, here’s a peek at my Nashville Thanksgiving weekend shenanigans.

Ted all snuggled up in the front seat, on the way to Grandma’s house he goes!

It’s a framer! Here’s a picture of the fam as we decided to get out and enjoy the 65 degree day before overindulging. Note to self – don’t ask anyone over 70 to take a picture with an iPhone (they will put it up to their eye and ask where to click).

My view of our leisurely Turkey Day walk. (Yes the 80-year-old was bare-chested. No, it was not in the least bit attractive but of course I still had to take a picture). This image made us practically sprint to finish.

Our foursome wished we had something to quench our thirst after all that walking.

Pre-turkey tasties (my family masters the art of snacking). Healthy treats (unless you eat a half-dozen of my mom’s deviled eggs. Damn it!).

The man who acted like he cooked everything until Mom pointed out that turkey and potatoes were only two of the 12 things being served. King of Dramatization.

Instead of playing the old game “Where’s Waldo,” we got to play “Where’s Teddy” all weekend due to his need of escaping out every crevice and sending me on an endless wild goose chase. Here’s what I found lurking in the garage. The little shit.

Turkey Day halftime entertainment. Me and my boy, Kid Rock.

People watching at Target, 10pm Thanksgiving night. Around 800 people were in line to check out. MADNESS.

This ended up being all the Black Friday I could handle. Elvis, the owl eyed cat on the right celebrated his one year anniversary with my family. We rescued him last Thanksgiving, as he came up to the back door and begged for turkey (he fits right in, with his love of food).

Ever the cat to lend a helping paw, Teddy project managed the holiday decorating process of one of my parent’s ledges.

Make any holiday memories of your own this past weekend? Submit them by this Wednesday to win the CBXB’s giveaway.  A pink sparkly deer head – it will go perfectly over your toilet and make for all kinds of fun conversation, I promise.

Happy Holiday Seasoning!