I’m a Cowboy, Baby

…with the top let back and the sunshine shining…

OK, so maybe I’m not the Kid Rock kind of cowboy. But ever wonder how others might describe you?

One of my blogging besties, The Wandering Poet compiled a few thoughts (and possible explanations) regarding yours truly (and my dad, who runs around on Twitter and is often a side-kick on my blog).

A Cowboys Sighting

The Cowboyius Nashvillius of the Family BigBennius Barbecueius SuperHeroius is not to be confused with the far more common and uncouth Johnny Knoxvillius.

Frequently seen in all types of environments, the Cowboy is a social creature that exhibits brazen, even shocking behavior!

Here she is choosing a suitable potential mate from the finer specimens of Marinius Kickassius.

Teddy on United States Marines

The symbiotic lifeform, Teddyius CoolCattius has temporarily attached himself to another host.

This is to allow the potential for selection or other social engagement in the wild without the Pussy Symbiote getting involved in the ritual.

The Cowboy is a social animal, often seen intruding in otherwise calm social gathering in the wild.

The local watering hole is often frequented, where the Cowboy displays her blonde plumage in a brazen display.

Notice the Cougar spots.  They help her blend into the local environment to make ambush hunting easier.


The Cowboy is a selective huntress, preferring a potential mate that is comfortable with his masculinity.

Here, the well male of the species does a bit of grooming while Cowboys supervises and instructs on proper grooming technique.

This is necessary so that proper care and hygiene is passed down to next generations through natural selection.


When on the hunt, the Cowboy exhibits an astonishing variety of hunting techniques.

At one one with the environment and able to adapt, improvise and overcome, the Cowboy is truly a flexible huntress.


Not above using disguise when on the hunt, she will exhibit a furry look on occasion, and changes her spots.


Remember, that the Cowboy is flexible, and there are often tell tale signs that it is the true Cowboy.

Critical to identification of the Cowboy is the Open Mouth.

If seen at the local watering hole, the identification is that much easier.


The Cowboy is known to associate with her Father, the Big Benny.

Note the Iron Man and Hulk on the fists.  That makes the classification of SuperHeroius very clear.


And anyone that messes with Cowboy or Big Benny is messing with the #Krew also.

We hear that a Documentary is currently filming of the Cowboy, and that may be airing in your neck of the woods.

And I give Cowboy 2 thumbs up and a 5 of 5 on the #Krew scale.

I think Wandering Poet knows me pretty well, don’t you?