Trashy Travel Tricks

I’m a germaphobe (although you’d never guess it when I become a bathroom bartender (which of course, I’m an expert in) at sporting events and concerts – but alcohol kills the germs, OK? At least that’s what I tell myself to save money).

When I am traveling on a low-budget, staying at a one star hotel or residing in a cabin owned by complete strangers that rent it out on a regular basis, I come fully equipped with my Bed in a Bag. It’s a rip off of a sleeping bag but it’s made out of sheets. There’s even room for my pillow! And I cover up with my blanket from home. Psycho? Yes.

Bed in a Bag!

Do I look ridiculous? Absolutely. Do I sleep easier, knowing the bed bugs won’t bite? Absolutely!

I always pack my flip-flops for less than perfectly cleaned showers and slippers to wear around the hotel room. But when forced to make an unexpected stop while traveling at midnight, I’m forced to compromise. I put a plastic bag down in the shower to stand on (because I might get someone elses’ left over hair from the shower curtain on my feet – THE HORROR!) and use my socks as my slippers as soon as I get out of the shower. I don’t put them on, as it’s easier to scoot around the tile.

Makeshift slippers.

Classy makeshift slippers.

A traveling companion always helps when you’re having to touch all kinds of things you dare not (doorknobs, remote control, the comforter on the bed). Luckily for me, I often travel with my dad and he acts as my official gross hotel knob toucher.

When the light was shining too brightly at 1am on a recent trip to Iowa, I asked if he could shut the lamp off in the corner (a gal needs her beauty sleep, ya dig?).  Luckily (or lazily) for him, he has long arms and was able to perform this task while seated.







Thank God for Dads!

As you can probably tell, I typically do not stay the Ritz Carlton, forcing me to become a raging lunatic over germs. Am I missing any tricks and secretly acquiring stranger germs?

Tell me before I get someone else’s cold from last week!