Matchy Mani

Ever try to coordinate your mani to whatever it is you’re doing with your hands?

Me either. But as I was trying to find something to wrap my nails around while showcasing this week’s mani-festation, I got all matchy-matchy with my beverages and fruit.


Accessorizing with Diet Coke.

I used two coats of OPI’s Dear Santa and tipped my nails off in Chanel’s Black Satin (which was the last and final time I’ll be able to get any polish out of the luxurious bottle. Sniff. Sniff).


So long Chanel!

An apple a day keeps your mani at bay. Right?

An apple a day keeps your mani at bay. Right?

Annoying? Yes. Fabulous? Always.



Beached Nails

While sitting high atop my plastic beach chair, I looked like I was trying to be the queen of this freshly built sandcastle.

Dig this mote.

Diggin’ this entryway.

Especially as I kept admiring my recently painted nails with new polish from the jolly man in the red suit.

Doesn't the ocean make everything look better?

Doesn’t the ocean make everything look better?

My manicure started out with the typical two colors in French mani style…

This is how first ended up

Booooring. So last year.

Not being satisfied, I decided to try my new black Milani nail art (which was new to me but old to everyone else, as it had a clearance sticker on the package).

Three times a charm.

Much more Miami ready mani.

One coat of base, followed by two coats of China Glaze’s Purple Panic Neon (this is a very cool matte color all on its own), and one thick silver coat of OPI’s DS Radiance for the tips. Once dry, I went back and ran a thin strip of black between the pink and silver with Milani’s Black Sketch and finished with one coat of Seche Vite top coat (best ever).

Triple threat.

Triple threat.

My mani dreams were rudely interrupted when some of the kids on the beach asked if I could help complete this sandcastle.

all play

Beautiful sand art meant for me to admire from afar.

I simply held my polished nails up and said, “Jewels, not tools.”

They got the point.


Merry Martini Mani

In celebration of the Christmas…

Red nails, gold tips

Red nails, gold sparkle tips


Matching stemware with a manicure is so popular (with me) right now.


Two coats of OPI’s Dear Santa red  hue for the base, followed by two thin coats of OPI’s Glow Up Already for the tips.

If gold sparkle is a little to flashy, what about a more traditional Christmas nail (although it’s still a very loud color combo)?

A red with a green tip

Red nails, green tips matches the strawberry in my martini. Obnoxious, yes but I don’t care!

Red and green

Apply two coats of Orly’s Star Spangled followed by one thick coat of Nicole’s Fell From the Tree on the tips.

And now you’re fabulously set for the many martinis Christmas requires one drink.


Very Merry Mani

One of my blogging besties at work/play/polish inspired my color on color mani and I dressed up my Elvis attire at last weekend’s party with this look.

A little red on red

A little red on red to spread good cheer.

After applying my base coat, I painted two coats of Essie’s E! Live from the Red Carpet.  Once that was dry, I used one thick coat of Orly’s Star Spangled on the tips (with a steady hand. Use polish strips if you need – only when the two base coats are completely dry though!). Topped off with a coat of Seche Vite, my favorite top coat ever.

Making sequins look good.

A standout against silver sequins.

A very merry mani, indeed!