How to be an Unruly Fan

The most

Did I do that?

When attending a sporting event of any kind, I can’t help but really get into the spirit of the event. This past Saturday, I was gussied up in my finest Hawkeye threads….

All dressed up...

Yep. Ready for the game.

I had a hot date with my college roommie….

Let's do this.

Let’s do this.

We pre-partied with the best of them in parking lot tailgates…

with somewhere to go...

We’re in there somewhere.

We may or may not have contributed to this mess…

Been here, done that.

Been here, done that.

And when we entered Kinnick stadium, we might have thought the crowd was cheering our arrival.

Rush of the roaring crowd...

Rush of the roaring crowd.

Our high was quickly sucked away by the Debbie Downer (and fan of the opposing team) sitting to my left in the straw hat. Yes, the one who was approximately 102 years old.

And then this...

Fun hater to my left.

You see, Whitney Lover and I were simply happy to be together. In our old college stadium. With 70,000 of our closest friends.

And we are not the most soft-spoken ladies. Nor are we the classiest ladies. Nor are we any kind of boring.

So we cheered. We hooped. We hollered. We would have done toe touches if we were still limber enough if there had been enough room.

We were so happy we felt the need to document every other second.

Hi. We're here together and I have 4.2 million photos to prove it.

Hi. We’re here together and I have 4.2 million photos to prove it.


Have you seen the working scoreboard?

Band time...

Did you know we witnessed the marching band?

While over enjoying the atmosphere,  I overheard the 102 year old tell her hubs that she was “appalled” (yes, she said appalled and yes, I was keeping my hands to myself AND I hadn’t even been using my favorite f word, as the Hawks were winning) by our loud, obnoxious behavior (and most likely the pink streaks in my hair).

So when she squeezed her ears shut as the fans around her cheered for an Iowa touchdown…I may or may not have been inches closer to her ear than necessary.

Inappropriate, loud behavior.

Hearing aid not needed.

And then I scooched a little closer to my new bestie for the second half of the game…



Just to make her day a little more fun.

And unruly.