Weekend Winks

A little Christmas action, a sisterly visit and a teeny tiny bit of shopping took place in Nashville this weekend….

Typically I don’t put the tree up before Turkey Day but in preparation for a holiday away, I wanted to put the beauty up. Teddy took the box over as his lair, of course.

This is what it looked like as the Handsome Cat Wrangler tried to remove Ted from the tree box. My cat is so high maintenance. Wonder where he got that trait?

First I had to slip my favorite Christmas tee on to get in the festive mood.

A little lovin’ by the pink tree (what else do you expect from me?) with Ted’s favorite Auntie A.

A whole lot of love sent from my friend and blog reader Victoria who wanted to add something special to my Cray Cray Cat Lady Lingerie.

Leopard gloves with lighted fingernails. OMFG. Teddy wasn’t sure what to think about them.

After seeing how fabulous these gloves are, Teddy insists I put them on when I hold him (4 hours per day).

Does this shirt make her head look fat? My sister trying to put on a blouse. To which I about pissed my pants before I was able to take a picture of the dressing room debacle. I’m sure it sounded like a three ringed circus in the fitting room to the sales woman.

I saw a glimpse of myself at the tender age of 90. Complete in a sequins jacket and velvet pants, while browsing for new shoes (I expect nothing less from myself).

Of course, I would have a pink rhinestone encrusted walker, though.

Window drooling at Juicy Couture. Hoping Santa took notes.

An item to add to my lust list. Michael Kors gold blinged out watch. Just a mere $550. I wore it around the store, then begrudgingly put it back in its case.

A little Sunday night tuna for two. Yes, I let Ted eat a bit. And yes, I know he licks his own ass. I’m a crazy cat lady, remember?!

Ending Sunday evening with a little rest for the weary. All the weekend festivities really wore TB out. And maybe me too…

Until next Monday, when I’ll be decompressing from all of my turkey –