Vegas Virgin

Yes, you read that right. I’m a Vegas virgin.

And yes, I know you’re ultra confused how a gal who loves any and all things gaudy, sequined, shiny, fuchsia, leopard, sparkly (you get the picture) could have lived a life thus far without visiting my potential mothership of a city. Well, wonder no more because I’ll be gracing Vegas with my prescence later this afternoon!

The hardest part about preparing to travel to Las Vegas was deciding which pieces of my always flamboyant wardrobe would be accompanying me.

How much gaudy is too much?

How much gaudy is too much?

Good thing I have my trusty sidekick, Ted, who helped me narrow down my sequins.

Good thing I have my trusty side kick to help me narrow down my sequins.

He leaned toward the pink. Surprised?

But Tedstar was beyond disgusted to see that I was packing my Aunt Nancy’s 1960s white mini dress – you know, just in case I meet Mr. Right Now and decide to get hitched after knowing someone all of one day in Vegas (I mean, it can happen, right?).

Disgusted to see I was packing a white dress "just in case" I meet Mr. Right Now and decide to get hitched Vegas style.

Mr. Bear was so disgusted, he refused to move off of the white garment.

Then the little love of my life laid down on my wedding mini, staking his claim by rubbing his scent and dark fur all over the place.

So he laid down on my wedding mini, staking his claim.

She’s MINE.

Of course after all of 14 minutes of helping me choose attire and throwing a tantrum over non-existent wedding bells, Teddy was exhausted.

And then surrendered to sleep, as he was exhausted after three minutes of helping me pack.

Surrendered to sleep.

Keep your fingers crossed that all of my bling makes it through airport security and that I don’t bring a Mr. CBXB back to Nashville with me.

Look out Vegas, here I come!



Weekend Winks – I Do!

Wedding bells were ringing in Nashville this past weekend (and you can pick your jaw up off of the floor, it wasn’t my holy matrimony ceremony but a celebration I was lucky to take part in).

Wedding mania

Wedding mania!

In preparation for the big weekend shenanigans, Ted and I relaxed with our favorite wine Friday night.

Two winos

Feline wino.

After a bridal brunch on Saturday, the bridesmaids were treated to mani/pedis and this chick couldn’t have been more thrilled, as it’s been over 365 days since I had a pampering session in a salon.

Mani Pedi!

Wine + foot rubs + back massager chair = HEAVEN.

I ended up going with a traditional French mani but added a little sparkle (gotta spruce it up!) in the top coat.

A very classic French

Classic with a small twist.

As I was waiting for my nails to dry, I found out my niece in Iowa eats like her Auntie CBXB.


Who needs a bottle when you can rub cereal all over your face?

While my nephew on the on the other hand, loves his face clean.

Mr. Angel Eyes

Mr. Angel Eyes

On Sunday, the bridesmaids donned our white, monogrammed (so Southern) button downs we received as gifts from the bride. Prancing around in my white shirt and Spanx, I felt like I was channeling Tom Cruise via his Risky Business days.

Risky Business

Any body have any tighty whities and a pair of tube socks I could borrow?

I also felt the need to steal a pink acoustic guitar that hung on the wall in our dressing room. It was way too cute not to touch.

Will this fit into my purse?

Will this fit into my purse?

After the happy couple said their “I dos,” friends gathered in the courtyard for cocktails and photos, where I tried to sneak into the background of every single snapshot.

Attempt 1

Didn’t you mean to ask me to be in the pic?


Oh, you two just wanted to be alone? Sorry!

During our girls pic, we were photo bombed by a master, who looks like he might be trying to take off in flight Superman style.

Best one yet

Does he have a cape on?

Upon my late return home last night, Teddy was less than impressed with the non-quality time I spent with him this weekend, so he decided to express his dismay vocally by singing (at the top of his tiny lungs) a meow song all night long. He apparently exhausted himself because this is how he looked when I left for work this morning.

One eyed willie

Pampered prince.

I’m the one that looks like I’ve been up all night singing on this sunny Monday.

Go figure.