Go Cork Yourself!

Hate the constant (depending on how fast you guzzle) up and down, retreating to the refrigerator for refills in order to keep your wine chilly?

Me too.

But, in celebration of my newly completed patio wing (and constant pinot grigio drinking), I received a fabulous gift that will ease the burden of my 103 step journey to the refrigerator.

Rest those weary feet and let a frozen Corkcicle keep your wine cool. $25.

Being one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inventions, Corkcicle prevents the watery mess left by remnants of ice buckets and warm bottles of wine (if you’re too lazy (like yours truly) and leave the vino bottle sweltering on the table).

Simply freeze the Corkcicle and insert into an open bottle, alleviating your evening work out of running to the fridge.

Corkcicle keeps your wine frosty, becoming your BFF of happy hour and beyond (this also helps when you’re drinking alone (don’t judge) and need some inanimate figure to talk at because your cat is ignoring you – cue chest thumping Celine Dion rendition of the song “All By Myself,” Bridget Jones style).

After half a bottle of wine, I’m always wanting to sing. And now I have a microphone handy!

Plus, this nifty device can also act like a weapon. Especially for cats who refuse to pose for a picture.

You will no longer ignore me, Teddy!

The possibilities are endless, really.

Corkcicle + You = Happy Feet

I have a sneaking suspicion that this spectacular wine cork will be stuffed into countless stockings this holiday season (with it acting as ice, a burglar thwarter AND a singing apparatus, it’s like three gifts in one!).

Hang up those refrigerator running shoes and put a cork in it.